International Search & Rescue Dog Day


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Admire the heroes on four paws worldwide.

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Mission ready - 365 days a year

The work with search and rescue dogs is not only a hobby, but a way of life. IRO dogs are deployed worldwide more than 2,000 times a year to save lives. They find people who are buried under avalanches or they search for children who have lost their way in the forest. Some dogs even go on international missions following large natural disasters such as earthquakes or tsunamis.

Experience on the International Search and Rescue Dog Day, how a small, playful puppy becomes the motivated lifesaver of tomorrow in no time. On this day, you will have the chance to experience the “rescuers on four paws” and their handlers up close and in action. Demonstrations, information events and trial trainings are hosted around the world according to the motto “365 days a year mission ready”.

The International Search and Rescue Dog Day has been organised by the IRO since 2008. An initiative that offers search and rescue dog organisations the opportunity to present themselves and at the same time to give an insight into the valuable work with search and rescue dogs.

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