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Mission ready - 365 days a year

The work with search and rescue dogs is not only a hobby, but a way of life. IRO dogs are deployed worldwide more than 2,000 times a year to save lives. They find people who are buried under avalanches or they search for children who have lost their way in the forest. Some dogs even go on international missions following large natural disasters such as earthquakes or tidal waves.

On the Int. Search and Rescue Dog Day, you see how a small, playful puppies quickly becomes a highly motivated lifesaver of tomorrow. On this day, you have the opportunity to see search and rescue dogs and their handlers in action. Presentations, information events and training events are hosted around the world according to the motto “365 days a year mission ready”. The dog handlers are happy to meet spectators to answer their questions.

The International Search and Rescue Dog Day has been proclaimed by the IRO since 2008. Every search and rescue dog organisation – whether it is an IRO member or not – is invited to publish their event for that day on this website.

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International Search and Rescue Dog Organisation

Open-door day

Earthquake-experienced rescue dogs from Japan, avalanche dogs from the Salzburg region and a multiple rescue dogs world champion meet on 26.04. in Salzburg. It is the open day of the IRO, which has its seat in the city of Salzburg.

Dog guides from Austria and Japan welcome visitors with their four-legged companions in the headquarters in Salzburg. They show how rescue dogs are trained and how they search for missing persons, and tell their experiences in earthquakes, avalanches and in the area search.

We thank you for the support of the city of Salzburg!

We look forward to your visit!

Event Details

Friday, 26.04.2019, 01 – 05:00 p.m.
Moosstraße 32, 5020 Salzburg


+43 662 82 65 26 10

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Rettungshundestaffel – Austrian-MANTRAILING-Academy

Presentations, shows, information

Event details

Sunday, 28.04.2019, 2 – 4:00 pm
8700 Leoben, Hauptplatz


8712 Niklasdorf, Proleberstrasse 7
+43 664 2001902

Invitation (jpg. 312 KB)

K-SAR Chile Search and Rescue with Dog Team

Canine Search Training

Canine search training, awards ceremony and reception of new managers

Event details

 Sunday, 28.04.2019, 12 am – 1 pm
 Km 37, Ruta 68, 8320000, Curacaví



Arbeitsgemeinschaft Mantrailing – Rettungshundestaffel & Therapiehundezentrum

Public Training

Public training by the SAR dog team (mantrailing) and by Human Remains Detection Dogs of the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Mantrailing”.

Event details

Sunday, 28.04.2019, 10 am – 4 pm
Ehemalige Porzellanfabrik Schwarzenbach/Saale


+49 176 24 31 60 54

FRF K9, Finn Rescue K9 Association

Obedience training for IPOR Trials

Event details

 Sunday, 28.04.2019, 12 am – 2 pm
Grass field near the school parking place


+35 85 03 75 17 93

Download Invitation
Associazione Nazionale Polizia di Stato Italiana

Training days

Two training days in two different location , one in a UNESCO site in north Italy between Milan and Bergamo and another one in Levone near Turin.

Event details

 Sunday, 28.04.2019, 8 am – 6 pm
 Via Veglia 44, 10143 Torino



Gruppo Volontario Cinofilo Acese

Presentation Area Search

The Cinofilo Acese Volunteer Group, UCIS presidium in Sicily, adhering to the demonstrations that raise awareness of the promotion of culture and commitment regarding search and rescue dog work, organized and carried out an area search demonstration-test in the Municipality of Aci Sant’Antonio at Monte Rosso. The employed K9 units: Andrea Chisari with Moka, Giovanni Spadaro with Xena, Francesco Leotta with Kiro, Sonia Bella with Tequila, Giorgia Scuderi with Chloe, and the instructor and trainer Mario Ariosto with Kora and Asso showed their skills.

Event details

 Sunday, 28.04.2019
Aci Sant’Antonio, Catania


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